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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Review of Pet Food in 2017

The good and bad of pet food during 2017.
2017 got off to a heartbreaking start with the death of a dog linked to euthanized animal meat in Evanger’s Pet Food. It was New Year’s Eve 2016 when Talula and four other dogs became ill and spent the night in an Emergency Veterinary Clinic. Talula didn’t survive.
2017 could have turned out very differently for many pet families had this family not taken immediate action. The family suspected the pet food was the cause, and had a necropsy performed on Talula’s body. The veterinarian performing the necropsy was attentive and noticed the stomach contents looked strange. His attention to detail resulted in testing of the stomach contents for pentobarbital – which ultimately led to the Evanger’s pet food recall and an FDA investigation (still ongoing at year’s end). Turning their grief into something positive, Talula’s family has initiated an educational program for other pet parents. They designed this poster to help educate pet owners to report every suspect pet food related illness (please share).

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