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Monday, July 4, 2016

Road's End Zaatar

This little boy just turned 2 years old, and I had received this lovely photo of him from his family, which reside in Vancouver, Canada.

Zaatar will be turning two this July thus, I thought I would send an update.
He is a wonderful, very bright ,and kind animal  .  Because of your preparation training he is an excellent travelling 
dog .  Zaatar brings out the best in people .  He encourages dogs to play who have not played before because of problems .There is a sweet dog with back legs that do not move correctly, and after Zaatar showing him how to  play ,he now plays with many dogs.
He is a healthy barely four pound dog with great beauty.  I am so happy I took your advise about his health .  As you can see he is a very healthy young man.
He does entertain with a walking pee ,but we are in training so he will  pee with   one leg only.

Thank you again for such a sweet tempered loving dog.  You are definitely doing 
something right.

Daniel and Elene 
PS We kept his names and added Cedar as his second name.  
You name him a great name ,and it suits him.

Below Zaatar 6 + 10 weeks old. His mom is our Min, pictured below. Dad is out Tiger Man.