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Monday, July 25, 2016

Papillon Puppy Training

I have red Jane Killon's Puppy Culture extensively, and incorporated some of her training, and ideas to my own puppy rearing here at home.
Here is a good sample of one the things our puppies get to learn:

Below you see an unstable platform (actually a simple board with half of a tennis ball attached under it). On top is a crinkly plastic bag. Of course, these objects will be with them only for the time of the training session.
At this age- 5 weeks- it is time to learn not to be fearful of strange textures, noises, and unstable surfaces-to help them to be a secure, fearless, and outgoing dog.

Benito and Fabio are inspecting the plastic bag, as well as the wobbly board.
Of course, the goal is for them to walk on it.

Above, the winner to day is Benito- he was the first one to step on the platform.

Above: Fabio is in the background.
Below, now we are trying it without the plastic bag. It is very brave of both of them to step on such moving/rolling object.

Below : again little brother Benito is the first runner up in this game.

Bravo Benito!!

Below: followed shortly by big brother Fabio.

Bravo Fabio: you are a true champ!