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Friday, May 10, 2019

Back (Leg) Injuries in Papillons and other small Dogs

Keeping Papillons and other small dogs in a household requires often some furniture rearranging. When these little dogs have chances to fly of high surfaces , they end up eventually with spinal cord injuries, or broken legs.
I keep hearing more and more of folks who all of a sudden notice their small pap squeaking when picked up, or worse, not wanting to get up, refusing to walk up stairs, or unable to go potty.
The vet will take the X ray, there is inflammation around the vertebra, or worse. He will prescribe prednisone,  muscle relaxants, and order 2 weeks confinement.
A short while later the dog ends up again at the vet, for the same reason, and the same thing.
Look around your home , make it "Pap Proof". Clean up all places where your 4-legged friend can jump from, and you know it is too high of a jump.

  • Couches should never be placed in the middle of the room, so the dog can jump from the highest part right down on the floor. (worse even on a hardwood floor)
  • Chairs should be always pulled all the way under the dining table, so Pap can not jump on the chair, then on the table, and then jump right off the table onto the floor. (they may do those kind of things while you are gone!!)
  • High beds should either have a stepper, or simple chair by the bed side for the dog to at least come down to the floor. An extra thick blanket, carpet, or pillows around the bed would also be advisable.