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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Keeping Bath Time Safe for Your Dog

I am posting an article of the Dogs Natural Magazine , for you, and me to gain awareness of dog shampoos, and conditioners, that they are not all what you think they seem to be.
I myself have quit already some time ago to use conditioners on my dogs, as I know the the outcome of shiny clean hair/fur is either better, or at least as good by not using it at all. I do give dogs a rinse half vinegar, half water, which also works as a flea repellent. This rinse makes their coat as shiny, and soft as it gets, the vinegar smell is also gone by the time the coat is dry, and the end result is just a nice subtle, clean odor.

Here a clip from the article, and below the link to it. Please read, it is definitely applicable to humans-, and their pets.

Commercial and some natural shampoos are nothing but chemicals and toxins with a few natural extracts in them to make consumers think that by using their product you are somehow connecting with nature.
Many people don’t realize that the scalp is part of the body’s integumentary system, which includes the three layers of the skin – epidermis, dermis and hypodermis. The scalp is part of  the skin and and skin is the body’s largest and most absorbent organ. The integumentary system is the gateway to the bloodstream. This is also true for your beloved pup. Just think of their skin and hair follicles as one large scalp.
So what makes a shampoo toxic? Here is a short list of many ingredients in human and canine grooming products.

Keeping Bath Time Safe for Your Dog