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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Scare Crows-possibly for Papillon, or other small Toy Breeds Yards

We love scare crows in our chicken yards, eclectic, "artsi" scare crows. Our friend and helper Annie is currently devoting her time to create, and place. But our next goal is to put a few around our Pap yards as well. We live in an area, where there is always a concern of owls, buzzards, hawks, and all those can easily fetch a small toy dog out of the yard.
 Here a few photos of  my little princess hens, (which come right after my princess Pap girls)
our new added chicken coops, and
Scare Crows, Life Stock, P-Fowl, and more. Enjoy!!
(Don't miss out, click on any image to see all in a nice big format)

Mrs Scare!!

Our new coop addition.

Lovely, or what?

Our donkeys are right next to the fenced in chicken yard; another scare off to the birds, and other wild life.

 Don't miss out on the rest of the photos!! this is where our Paps live, they get to enjoy the fresh eggs.

These two above are "senior" hens, tiny dutch Bantams, now 14 years old.

Above: 2
Leg Horns

Above: girl Chaca, standard donkey,
behind my Miniature donkey Gus, who is approximately 25 years old.

Above: Spotted girl Easter; she was born here on  Easter day

Bock, our Pygmy Goat above is also now 14 years old. Goats do not live much longer than about that age he is in, and every day is a gift to us now. He is doing extremely well for his age. He lives with the donkeys, and he would not be anywhere else. We think, that he thinks he is just another donkey.

George, our Pea cock is trying to impress his little mate, but it's not working well.

Above: Not very impressed!!

Spring colors of George.

This is another coop, occupied by 4 hens, and one rooster.
Of course all our dogs get to eat here and there organic, fresh, raw eggs.