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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Stress & Diarrhea in Papillon Puppy Dogs

Stress Diarrhea in small Dogs:

So, you just got your new Papillon puppy, or older Pap dog, and he gets immediately diarrhea.
You can imagine it to be very stressful for your little Butterfly to leave it's nest, litter mates, and all of a sudden finds himself in a new environment, new home and new people.
Or you went on a trip, and, yes, you had a care taker for your little one, but all you get when you come back is a Pap having loose poop.

He could have just gone to the vet, followed by immediate diarrhea.
Some Paps even have this problem by simply going into public, as driving in a car, and getting out somewhere.
Moving into a new home.
There is a long list which causes stress diarrhea, and what you see is an excessive amount of loose, watery stool.
If you do not see other symptoms of illness in your dog, and you suspect that he has stress diarrhea, offer him plenty of water, and a plain, boiled chicken, rice menu, given several times / day in small quantities, for one, or two days. If he refuses to drink water, squirt some  in his mouth with an eyedropper, or a syringe (without needle).
A treat made from Pumpkins is also very helpful, as Pumpkins help to stop diarrhea



Of course, the main thing for his cure is finding the reason for his stress, and make a change here.

Always consider that  your dog may have a medical cause for his diarrhea, so, if in doubt, please consult immediately your veterinarian, as especially the very young, very old, and very tiny, fragile, dogs can get severely dehydrated in no time.
Dehydration is a immediate cause for alarm, and a vet must be seen.