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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Injuries on Papillon, Dog Tails

Injuries on dog tails are quite common, and that includes our beloved Butterflies.
Papillons carry their tails over the back, curled, like the handle on a tea pot. (Or, they supposed to, but not all of them do).
You might have a puppy, or youngster, which carries his tail nicely curled, and all of a sudden the tail is limp, and hangs down.
If you have more than one small dog discourage tail pulling, as it can do permanent, or temporarily damage to your dog's tail, including the loss of the perfect tea pot curl!!
Injuries to the middle of the tail are not as severe as injuries to the base of the tail, but all come with pain and swelling.
Papillon dogs can have easily injuries on the middle of the tail by being stepped on-, pulled- , caught in a door-, or an object falls on the tail. The dog may wag it's tail much less, or none, and might drop the tail all together.
An injury on the base of the tail is more severe, as it may lead  to permanent incontinence.

The Limber Tail Syndrome.
The tail may have a muscle injury, rather than a broken bone.
The muscle injury, or sprained tail can be caused by overexertion, and the outcome is a limp tail.
There are varying degrees of severity in this case scenario:
In a more mild case, the tail would be slightly below horizontal, and in a severe case, the tail would hang completely down like a cooked , wet noodle.
The tail might even stick out for a tiny bit, and then droop down.
Some dogs may sit differently, or have troubles laying down.
This condition does have good news after all, as it resolves itself, heals up with no aftereffects.

(Images obtained from Google)