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Friday, January 11, 2013

A Sunny Day @ Road's End

A day of sun. A rarity here in Oregon in the wintertime. But we are taking advantage.
This is the Pirates bunch first serious outing; and did they had some fun.
On those days I have to take my camera, although I know it's not the best day for a photo shoot, as the sun is very radiant, but sits very low, creating huge shadows. Never the less, you can see that these Paps are having fun.

Pirates Pearl & Pirates Gold

Pulling shoe strings is always a favorite thing to do.

Phalene Betty

Pirate Black Bart


Big dog in a little package: Pirates Gold

Mom Gina: "too much sun for me"

Pirates Gold


Wanting to be a Phalene: Oro

Pirates Pearl

Actually a sister to the Pirates babes: Snickers