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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Papillon Leg Fracture

Here is the final continuation of the story of our Duke's leg fracture.

It has bee 12 weeks now since he broke his front leg, and today , he had his last veterinarian check-up on it.
Duke has recovered fully; it was decided to leave the pin in his bone , because it does not seem to hinder, or bother him at all. The pin can be pulled out at any time.
Please also note, that the vet did actually a simple thing by inserting into the bone a pin, and giving the leg a splint in the first few weeks post surgery. I feel that the simpler things sometimes work better, and it was definitely a lot less trauma for the dog.
Other veterinarians may recommend to you much more complicated ways to "fix" a leg like this.
An example is to attach a plate with screws to the broken bone, to hold it in place. The radius bone on a small toy breed is a very tiny bone, straw size or less.Think about it: a plate and screws? It also requires 2 surgeries: one is to sedate him to put a splint to hold the leg, till the specialist gets ready to do the actual surgery to apply the plate to his radius bone.

Duke 's leg turned out to be nice and straight again , as nothing ever happened.