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Thursday, January 5, 2012

How to give a Papillon, Phalene, (small) dog a Pill.

U Ask  :  How to give a Papillon, Phalene, (small) dog a Pill.

Take the pill and chop-, grind it into either small pieces, or powder .
Take your dogs kibbles, mix with a little bit of delicious canned food, sprinkle the converted pill onto the food and mix.
If your dog is sick, will not eat, try to roll the pill in some extra goodies; as cheese, turkey, chicken;
just a small, bean size roll.
If that does not work, go to the least desired technique:
(small pill only) stick your finger tip in a P nut jar, the push the pill on to that finger tip, open his mouth, put the pill way back into his mouth, close quickly, lightly, keep your hands around his muzzle, wait 'till he licks his chops (that is a sign that he swallowed the pill, and is not hiding it to spit out later, when you don't see it!!)