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Friday, December 16, 2011

U ask: Papillon/Phalene Grooming: which brush to use

In reference my the recent post : Papillon, Phalene Hair, Coat, Fur Development
You are asking:
  • What kind of a brush I am using.
So, here it is: my Walmart special:

The next question was:
  • What to do about the snags that gets into the dogs hair.
I try first to hand pick on them. One hair strand at the time. It's a tedious thing, but it 's a lot better than getting to the last solution: cutting the snag out.
So, have a seat, turn the TV on and pick, grab the hair in layers from the bottom up, brush one layer, then the next, when you get to the snag, pull one very small hair bundle out at the time.
I have used since a long time a horse product calls:
Show Sheen. There are also other-, numerous products in this group available.
When sprayed on the snag, it will soften the hair, and coat it. It will come undone much easier. Hair Conditioners also will help you.
Regularly brushing is the very best prevention to snags. Look at brushing as a "bonding" time with your friend!!