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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Papillon Ear-Fringe Development

With the following images of our Matti, you can see that the ear- fringe development can take a long time.
Mathilda (Matti) was born in February of 2007.

This first image show her already at the age of  14 months!! I even thought: that's it. Nice big ears, but fair fringing.
So, here is one photo of August 2009. that makes here 2.5 years old. Much nicer fringes!!

This one , above was done last year, August 2011. Can you see the change to the "more"?
The last one here was done in October of this year.
Matti is now 4+3/4 years old.
The message here:
Never give up hope, be patient, they will come!!

You also have to take in consideration, that if you have more than one dog, if they are young, they tear each other those developing fringes out more often, than an older dog, which most likely will play less.