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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Road's End Papillons, Owned by Others

Our Zitoni is on the way to LA, (Southern California) with a family who came 900 + miles all the way to us, to pick her up by car. She had been chosen for a home with lots of good Agility Training.
Although a bit small, and with mostly likely only 5-6 LBS as an adult weight, she still makes a promising little Papillon for that kind of a dog sport.
Here are the signs of a winner:
She loves to chase the ball, without getting tired or distracted.
She chooses to play with the ball, or even retrieves it, above all distractions around her (like other, strange dogs, strange people etc).
She focuses on that ball 100 %
She is fast for her age and size, and fearless to get the ball.

Zitoni passed all these credentials.
We got so busy doing all this here before leaving, that I forgot to take my "Good By " photo of them.
Far well, sweet Zitoni. We wish you the best of success.