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Saturday, June 25, 2011

U Ask: Is buying a 12 week old Papillon /Phalene puppy OK, or is it already attached emotionally to it's previous owner (breeder)?

Since I still can not answer questions in the comment box in my Google accounts name, I will post this interesting question here:
You ask:
Is buying a 12 week old Papillon /Phalene puppy OK, or is it already attached emotionally to it's previous owner (breeder)?

Many puppies are kept with their breeders 12-15 months, and longer. Papillon puppies have in general no problems to adjust to their new life style with someone else, even later on in life, as mature dogs. As long you provide them with what their needs are.
The later time is also very good in selecting a puppy with a matching personality, of your life style. Even though the temperament is already recognizable at 6-8 weeks, it becomes much clearer, and definite at 12 weeks or older.
The reason why many breeders hold on to their puppies longer is, that they want to see better what they want to keep for their breeding program to improve their line.
But think of it: you also will see much better what you get. For instance, the weight of a Papillon/Phalene @ 12 weeks doubled, is the approximate weight of your papillon puppy selection as an adult.
Many times, the ears of a Papillon are not "up" at 8 weeks of time, or one is up, one is down. Of course, this can go on up to 4 months, and longer, but in most circumstances at 12-15 weeks the ears are set, up for a Papi, down for a Phalene.