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Friday, June 10, 2011

U Ask: Can small dog eat big dog food.

Your Papillon, Phalene, or any other Toy Breed, can eat dog food , made for larger breed of dogs, but it is advisable to give him kibbles made for his small mouth and tummy.
Here are the reasons why:
Toy, and small breeds in general have  much larger energy requirements (per pound of body weight), than their medium + large brothers.
The energy requirements for your Papillon, or small breed puppy is 2-4 times higher than of it's adult version.
Puppies, especially in their first 6 months,  also need more minerals and protein in their diet, for their bone + teeth development.
Small dogs have small stomachs, but they need to eat large amounts of food in relation to their size/ body weight. They need small meals, given several times / day, to fulfill these requirements.

Kibbles, in bite -size, is the best dog food for our small companions.