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Friday, May 13, 2011

U Ask: Is my over sized Papillon, Phalene a mixed breed.( Papillon, Phalene size)

The AKC Breed Standard disqualifies Papillons, Phalenes over 12 inches; the European Papillon is only accepted  a hair taller, and bigger, but not by much.
So, does this mean your 14 inch tall Papillon, or Phalene is a mix breed?
Look at it like this: the Papillon, Phalene , a 500 year old breed is originated from other Spaniels, which all are bigger dogs than these little toy spaniels.
So, one might get out of the best Papillons, Phalenes, a larger dog, than what the standard calls for. Papillons do carry those genes. The breeder of your Papi might have put together big/tall + big/tall. The chances that they produce big/tall are ,what do you think?
If you know the parents, grandparents of your Papillon, and he looks exactly like a Papillon, and has all the traits of a Papillon, then you do have a Papillon. 
Big, and tall Papillons, Phalenes make excellent agility dogs, and are great in many of the performance dog sports.