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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Choosing a Puppy to match your Lifestyle, the right Puppy for you.

Each litter of puppies has a selection of different personalities. As puppies are starting to explore their environment, at the age of 2-3 weeks, they are starting to show their personalities. At 8 weeks their personalities show up quite strongly, and they seem to represent the miniature version of their adult life.One can determine the type of personalities they have. The personalities and their expressions can run an entire spectrum of types.
Here are the common types one can find in an average litter of puppies.
  • Type1: The Leader of the pack.
This little guy is the dominant one. He always will be the first in everything. If he does not get there first, he will elbow, bully his way to the destined spot. His self-confidence is abundant.
The leader type puppy needs a leader type owner!! This dogs is great for an active family, as well as for agility, other dog sports and for performance activities.
  • Type 2: The Adventurer .
The adventurer is not intimidated by the leader, he learns quickly to put up with him, and he will quietly go alone to explore, and investigate this world of his.
This little guy is much more interested in pleasing you, therefore he is easy to train. He could be a little "independent" to some degree, he may want to be near you, but not necessarily on your lap. He could share his love with the entire family, and not single you out. He would be a good candidate for the show ring, either with you, or with a handler.
  • Type 3: The Passive puppy.
The passive puppy is not to be mixed up with a shy puppy. He does not cower, he observes, and waits, by letting his litter mates getting first to the food source, and everything else. He avoids confrontations.
This pup will be a great home- dog, with less activities, not constant air, and car travel, loads of strangers coming to the house, or been shown off to multiple friends. He is a home-body, and will thrive with a lot of attention, love and support. Best suited for retired, or stay-home families.
  • Type 4: The Shy puppy.
A shy puppy can be born in a litter, where all mates have delightful personality types.
Shy puppies show their temperament right from the beginning, when they open up their eyes, and when they are starting to crawl around their whelping box. They get the same treatment like the others, and they experience the same things.
The shy puppy has unfounded fears. They fear everything: litter mates that play too rough, loud noises, people.
This pup is best suited for a mature person, who understands the differences in these personalities, and knows how to deal with them. Under the proper circumstances, he may grow up to be a quiet, happy, laid -back, and devoted dog.
  • Type 5: The Suspicious  (highly aggressive)Puppy:
This pup is to be of concern to you. If this puppy is socialized , along with his mates, but still shows an aggressive behavior, it could lead to dangerous behavior to the entire family, other pets and people.

*Type 4 & 5  puppies do rarely show up in puppy litters. Every once in a while you may see a shy puppy, but type 5, the aggressive pup is a absolute rarity.  Most likely you find a older, rescued dog, or a mistreated dog to be an aggressive, or suspicious dog.
*Do keep in mind, that each puppy brings his own little agenda, and has a unique personality trait. He may bring more than one of the above type personalities in this world.
 After he has received his first set of shots, he should be given the opportunity to be introduced to as many smells, sounds, people, places, strange sights, as possible.