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Monday, April 29, 2019

You Ask: Jogging, Running with Papillons.

Many of you ask, if you can jog with a Papillon, or Phalene.
 Look at yourself first; establish the level of your fitness program.
Are you running long distance, or just a mile or two, here and there.?
Toy breeds are not for long, or endurance running. Think how small they are, and those little legs!!
And have a look at the Papillon, or Phalene, you already have. Does he weigh only 4 LBS, is he one of those ever wanted tiny sizes? Not suitable!!! Not all Papillons are agile, fast, and fit. Just like people.
But if you enjoy jogging 2-3 times per week for a couple of miles, you may be able to train your Paplloni to come along,- on a cool day.

But you have to train him to reach that level of fitness, just like you did with yourself.
Start with small distances, bring water for him, and observe how he performs.
He will give you all the signs after a few times, whether he is, or will be "fit" for this.

If you are looking for a new Papillon , Phalene puppy in your live to jog with, don't get one from a litter of underweight papis, or advertised "teacup" puppies. All those are much too small, and too frail to do such thing with.
Papillons, Phalenes come in sizes between 8-11 inches (AKC breed standard). Get a larger puppy, with a little more weight, and heavier bone structure.
High energy breeds, work breeds, such as mid size of 40-50 LBS are the best for runners.