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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

You Ask -Smelly Ears, Canine Ear Odor, in Papillons/Phalenes.

Yous ask: Causes of smelly ears in Papillons.
Dogs with ears hanging down are having in general more ear problems, than dogs with erect ears.
But Papillons can have smelly ears, or a strong ear odor.
If he does, he might have ear mites, or an ear infection (otitis).
Let's focus here on ear mites:

  • Ear Mites are small organisms that thrive in your dogs ear canal.
  • Ear Mites a  parasites that feed on body fluids and causes intense irritation.
  • Ear Mites can also transfer from one animal to another. (as of pets in your house)

  • An infestation of ear mites often occurs, where proper pet hygiene is poor.
  • Ear Mites will cause severe inflammation, redness, and open wounds. The presence of crusty discharges may also be observed among infected animals

Keep your Papillon separate from the others, if you detect ear mites. Have the vet give you the final diagnosis, and the appropriate medications.
Make sure you also treat the rest of your pets, regardless of if they are showing symptoms or not.
Ear Mites are hard to eradicate, and this is a good way to prevent ear mites from invading your other pets.