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Sunday, September 19, 2010

You Ask: Tear Stains in Papillons

Tear Stains in Papillons:
The red stains below your Papillons eye are caused by tearing. (excessive tearing).
It is actually the hair around the eye, that is a great breeding ground for bacteria / yeast.It is the red yeast which causes a red/brown stain.

There are multiple causes of tear staining:
  • Genetics
  • Diet (feed dry kibbles with no additives, food coloring, of perservatives.)
  • Health Problem (Vet visit)
  • Fleas /Bugs. (Fleas go to the eyes to have moisture, they leave behind their feces, which has the digested blood in it; it irritates the eye)
  • Ear Infections ( Ear mites are carried by fleas)
  • Allergies/Irritations (smoke, perfumes, sprays, aerosol sprays, mold, dust......)
Make sure all these possible issues are resolved. If it is simply a genetic problem, there is not much you can do.

There are products on the market, and home- made recipes (believe me,I tried most of them) but my experience is, that they most often irritate the eyes even more so.
Keep the area around the eye clean, use a moist tissue, q- tip, to maintain a healthy eye.
Also, don't let your Papi look out of an open car window while driving speedy!!