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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Papillon gets Toe Nail entangled in Ear Fringes.

Sometimes a  Papillons may get his toe nail  entangled in his ear fringes. This can be a panicky situation. You will see him laying on his side, or trying to limp on 3 legs, and sometimes it takes a while to get the toe out of the entangled fringe.

Here are the preventative measures to take:
  • Brush, brush, brush. Keep those ears free of any mats to begin with.
  • Keep the fringes soft by spritzing water mixed with a tiny bit of hair conditioner, and then comb/brush through those fringes.
  • Giving your Papi a regular bath: it will keep his coat soft.
  • No ear mites!! Check for ear mites.
  • No fleas!! Those 2 bugs makes your dog itching a lot behind the ears.
  • Keep those toe nails short. (brrrrrr, I hate clipping toenails)