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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Road's End Tutsi @ 3. 5 Months

In regards to  the previous post about Tutsi:
She really does ring them when she wants out. She is really clever! Has been doing this for about a month now. take care, laurel


  1. How did you train her to do that.. and she sure is looking great.

  2. To teach her to ring the bells, they were hanging on the doorhandle and would ring when she went outside. When I knew she understood "outside peepee" I started to ring the bells before opening the door. It took a few days and she just looked at me one morning, looked at the bells and grabbed them. She rang them until I got there and let her outside. Since there are several bells on the string it was loud! The problem is she knows to ring the bells to go "outside" but as I left out the "peepee" part, now when she wants to go and play as well she rings the bells. "outside peepee" very important.