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Monday, April 5, 2010

Papillon Shedding vs Hair Loss

Our Papillons shed their hair about twice per year. Some people call it "blowing the coat".
This situation is very normal, and we can count us lucky, because if Papillons would have a "double coat" (which means an "under coat", they would shed a lot more.
You can somewhat minimize the amount of the dogs hair on your couch, or your clothes by brushing him regularly,and feeding him good quality food.
But there are possible health problem with your dog, if he looses excessively amounts of hair.
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  1. So, our papillon is 3 years old and it is the change of season here in New England and all of a sudden he's shedding a huge amount of hair from his flanks/rear end. When I say "huge" I mean about a lunch baggie's worth came off when I have him a good brushing back there. I don't recall this happening in previous years so we've taken him for tests at the Vet and will know shortly if there are any systemic concerns but how much coat loss is normal during the blow-coat season?