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Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Phalene Dog

The Phalene is the first and earliest form of the Papillon.
His origin is believed to be from Belgium around the 1400s. The Phalene was very popular in the French and Italian royal courts at that time. His popularity peaked in the 17Th century at the French court of Louis the XIV.
The dwarf spaniel found his way to England and later on to the U.S.
The AKC Kennel Club accepted the Phalene in 1935 in the registry.

The Phalene is also named:
  • Drop eared Papillon
  • Espagneul Nain
  • Continental Spaniel
The  body type is the same as of a Papillon.
See Papillon Standards

Jan Verokolje 1675

Paolo Veronese 1560-70

Papillons and Phalenes may be born in the same litter.