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Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Dogs Don't Thrive eating Rice

 I keep telling this everybody.

Dogs don't need starches (carbohydrates) .

Carbohydrates turn into sugar and dogs do not need or thrive on sugar.

They thrive on a variety of proteins.


This from Dr. Karen Becker:

Should You Feed Rice to Your Pet? 🍚

Rice is a grain — it’s a carbohydrate, which dogs and cats have no biological need for. That being said, it’s not dangerous or toxic to pets, so it can still be added to their meals if necessary (usually because of finances or a requirement for a lower protein diet).

I don’t recommend adding grains to your pet’s diet “just because,” but if you must feed them rice, organic brown rice has more nutrients than white rice. 

( Dr. Karen Becker)