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Friday, January 5, 2018

Road's End Papillons Simple Canine Kitchen

What was up for breakfast this morning?

In the mornings I feed a lot of ground meat.
Today: ground turkey, beef, and beef heart.
Have a look at the weight here, the weight shows the actual weight of the meat.(2.8 OZ), minus the bowl!!
This amount is suitable for an average 6-7 LBS Papillon dog, or other small pet dog.
I add to that a teaspoon of raw egg , 1 table spoon of HOME-MADE bone broth, a teaspoon of ground alfalfa+ seaweed.

What's up for dinner?
Turkey heart and pork .

Above: I freeze in strips of pork, chicken, etc, and defrost small amounts.

Above: pending on the size of the dog I cut those strips into 1/2- 1" bites.

Above: this is what a bowl looks like with 2.5 oz of meat in it for an average sized Papillon dog (6-7 Lbs.)
In addition, I topped the meat with a 1/2 teaspoon of Greek yogurt to night, and a 1/4 teaspoon of fine grind spinach leaves .
Other nights I use cottage cheese, or shredded cheese, scrambled, or hard boiled eggs.

100% CONTROL of what the meal contains.

My current list of meats are:

Ground turkey, beef, beef heart
Turkey hearts
Chicken: hearts, boneless meat

Edible bones: chicken drumettes, and wings. (for dogs which still have good teeth, and can eat small bones)

Organ meat (very important , you must feed your dog organ meat a couple of times /week, or small/mini  amounts more often)
chicken and beef liver
beef kidney

Please note that I have multiple Paps, and I have a budget set for them.
If you have only one or two dogs, your list of fresh human grade meats,fish, dairy available is much longer than mine. But, yet, my dogs thrive on this simple variety I offer .
Variety is important, and a balanced diet is achieved over the course of a week.