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Friday, September 15, 2017

Oregon Accepts Titers For Licensing

When we adopted Cricket, we were pretty sure he had never been to a vet. He was thin, sickly and not fixed. Safe to say he had not had any shots or immunizations at that point in time either. He was a year old.
As a Pound Puppy, he was given (1) One year Rabies vaccination. This vaccination, according to the vet, would have only been "good" for a year and he was "due" for a 3 year booster. I did not give any follow up boosters. A year and a half later (August 2017) we did a blood draw for a titers to test for immunity. Just got the results back and guess what? He has totally sufficient immunity against rabies.
So, if Cricket has sufficient immunity against rabies, having had only ONE, vaccine (good for a year) his entire life...why are we giving our dogs a new vaccine every 3 Years??? Same is true for all of the other vaccines. They are NOT needed.
Get a titer folks. Oregon accepts titers for Licensing. Other states will follow if we make it happen. You Don't need to put unnecessary chemicals into your pet. They don't need them and its very harmful to them. The vet industry, like everything else, is a MONEY industry. Talk to your vet. Help them understand.

Wendy is also the owner of a beautiful Papillon dog.