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Sunday, July 2, 2017

A Healthy Topper Choice for Dogs

The Most Important Ingredient in Pet Health

For some pet guardians, financial constraints limit their ability to feed the highest level of nutrition to their pets. For others, product availability may be a limiting factor. Many pet owners are uncomfortable with the idea of handling and feeding raw meats to their pets, while others are unable to feed raw diets due to limitations placed by pet therapy, boarding, veterinary, or training facilities.
However, within these constraints, it is possible to improve the diet of all pets. Feeding even a small amount of whole foods, like real meat, eggs, fruits, and vegetables, can bring vast improvement to pet health. There are simple ingredients that have been shown to fight cancer and improve gut health. By incorporating one or two meals made with whole foods each week or by making a healthy topper to mix with processed food, pet health and longevity can be improved.
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