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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Add Some Vegetables To Your Dog's Raw Diet

At the 2015 Raw Roundup Conference, Dr Billinghurst gave a talk on the role of vegetables and fruit in the healthy canine diet.
Dr Billinghurst highly recommends giving vegetables and fruits to your dog. In the course of his talk, he discussed 10 great reasons to feed your dog veggies and fruit.
Please click on the link HERE to read this article. You may consider to add some vegetables to your raw meat diet. 
Feed vegetables as about 10% of your dog’s diet.     
Dr Billinghurst says vegetables must be fed raw for maximum benefits, but you’ll need to crush or pulverize them in a juicer or blender, or your dog won’t be able to digest them. Chopping or grating isn’t enough to make them digestible.