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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Drug Telazol Wrongly Used for Anesthesia on Pregnant Papillon

For those of you who live in or around the Polk County area - PLEASE help us spread this information - we do not want this to happen to someone else:

Our beautiful, healthy Papillon, Oreo and her four babies, were brought to an untimely death due to the negligence of:

               1270 East Main Street
               Monmouth, Oregon 97361

He chose to use the drug anesthesia "TELAZOL" for anesthesia to perform a cesarean section.
The Telezol information states it is contraindicated for pregnant dogs. It clearly states it should not be used for cesarean section. Drug information can say "to use with caution" and sometimes the needed benefit out weights the risk. However, when a drug is "contraindicated" it is NOT to be used. The vet was absolutely wrong, and should have selected an inhaled medication anyway. 

All 4 whelps faded and died quickly, and the perfectly healthy mother, well, she was sent home, and never recovered from acute renal failure. 

She had to be put down to alleviate her suffering. 
I am sickened by the fact that a "post" to Facebook is the only venue (cause of action) to seek justice for Oreo. 

Tears streamed down my cheeks as I wrote this. 

No matter what is said, it will not correct the grievous error that extinguished the lives of Oreo and her children.

It does not mend our broken hearts and does not stop the other dogs from watching for Oreo's return.  

According to the law, an animal is viewed as an "item" of personal property and holds very little monetary value. 

Because of this, most lawyers are unwilling to take on a veterinary malpractice case.

The Veterinary Medical Association will receive your complaint, but whether or not anything is done with that complaint, remains a mystery.

Their findings and decisions, or lack of, are not revealed to the public.

Please share this post for others to read, for awareness, and for pet owners who live in our area, not to ever use Dr. Lindsey’s anesthesia skills.