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Friday, March 18, 2016

The Papillon Is One of the Oldest Toy Spaniels - By Dr. Becker

10 Fascinating Facts About the Papillon

The Papillon Is One of the Oldest Toy Spaniels
The adorable Papillon is also called the Continental Toy Spaniel and the dwarf spaniel.
"Papillon" is the French word for "butterfly," which reflects the butterfly appearance of the breed's large, upright ears covered in long, fringed hair.
Papillons can also be born with dropped ears. This variety is called a Phalène, which is French for "moth," and both varieties can be present in the same litter.
The Papillon Is Lovely to Look At
The average size of the Papillon is just 8 to 11 inches at the shoulder, and 7 to 10 pounds.
The Pap is small-boned and lightweight. His muzzle is on the short side and tapers to the nose. His dark eyes are black rimmed, and some Paps look as if they are wearing eyeliner. His tail is long and set high, carried over the body and covered with long hair.
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