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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Papillons & Raw Meaty Bones

Raw Meat + Bones diet- yes, but I do have a problem with one of my dogs in my flock of Papillons.
I am sure this scenario will apply to many of you also.
It is a small, dainty girl: she eats well, but she will not touch a bone, nor will she chew on the bone to just get the meat part. I let her “starve” for 2 days, giving back just that same bone (either beef, or chicken) , but she won, as I could not stand it any longer. She is a skinny little girl after all.
But not eating bones, or chewing on recreational bones means having to get regular tooth scales performed under anesthesia.
So, my goal is: disassemble the problem, and start with small steps at the time.
·         First, I chop much of her food now, instead of grind.
·         Next, the chopped pieces get bigger, and slowly so big, that she does have to use her teeth to divide them up herself into smaller pieces.
·         Following a drumettes bone (part of a chicken wing) smashed with a tenderizer hammer, then cut into chunks.
So far she has managed to eat up my new menu for her; not only did she eat the meat part from the bone, she consumed some of the bone itself.
I am proud of the little girl.

Last will be the small drumette- and I am certain, it will be accomplished….in time.