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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Trick to Convert a Kibble addicted Papillon Dog to a Fresh Diet of Raw Food

So you might have tried by now to feed your Papillon, or any other dog, a raw meat diet, but he might turn his head saying: I want my kibble , I am addicted to kibble food.
Please, do not give up. Give him some time and be determined. He will come around sooner or later, and the benefits are superb.
Here a trick to help him to convert from kibble food to a real food.
Get a can of either sardines, or tripe. Just the juice is to most dogs irresistable. Use a small amount of the the juice, and tiny bits of the ingredients to pour over his kibbles.
Give him his food in a room, or crate,  alone, and leave. After 15 minutes or so come back and take out hopefully an empty bowl. If not, serve him the same bowl of food at his second meal time.
If he did eat the stuff, repeat a couple of days, and then start adding a tiny bit of ground chicken, turkey, or beef , withhold a small amount kibbles. You can also add a tiny bit of either Greek Yogurt, or Probiotics in a powder form to help him easier to digest the changing diet. Especially if it is a senior dog.
After a few days you should be down to no kibbles, but sardines, or tripe + raw meat.
Allthough there is some nutritional value in these cans of food, the value is a very low one, so now it's time to wean him from the canned food by adding less and less of the sardines, or tripe.
Make sure you give him a good variety of meat, follow guidelines of raw meat diets for dogs, to ensure he will have a balanced diet during the course of a week.