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Monday, October 6, 2014

My "New" Max

My "new" Max
This is Max now. Max spent 1 year with a handler in the mid -west. Although he did became a Can CH, and UKC CH, he came finally back to me in April 2014, but in a horrible condition. He had lost all his fringes- there was no sable hair at all on him, most of his teeth where loose, and now are gone; he came with 4 bleeding toe nails, had an absolutely horrible stench on him for more than a week, had red fur, apparently stained from a clay ground; came down with an anal sac infection/abscess within one week.
I call that malnutrition, severe neglect. Max is only 4 years old.
Shame on the person who neglected him so much, and I had trusted, and had plans together with. Never ever will I send one of my dogs to someone else,who I met only over the internet, or only briefly in person.
Max is now a happy little guy; the rest of his teeth are getting whiter by the day. He loves his beef back rib bones to chew on, and his raw meat diet. His sable hair is coming back, and there are not further incidences of anal sac infections.

Below- Max before he left.