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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Road's End Puppies with their new Families

Here is little Wrangler in his new home, along with Raffinesse, another Road's End Pap.
They are already best buddies.

Hi Antje,
 Wrangler was seen by the vet and pronounced sound and healthy.
 I'm thinking of calling Wrangler, "Krampus," LOL because I was cleaning his face at the vet and he growled and repeatedly bit the cloth.
 Last night Wrangler was attempting to nurse Nesse who obligingly lifted her leg and as much said, " You aren't going to get much milk, but knock yourself out trying."
 Right now my little Krampus is attempting to hump Nesse. What a guy  = ; >) and starting with the girls at such a young age! Good thing Nesse is so easy going.
 I think the balance between the two personalities and sexes creates a good match between the two babies.
 He and I are going to be going to puppy school forever just for mom to keep up with him.
 What a little character he is.  I love him, it will be an interesting journey with him, I suspect never a dull moment!