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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Road's End Papillons owned by Others

Hi Antje,
 I am always glad to hear from you! I love my Xena and have attracted much attention from the neighbors on the doggie walk trails. In fact, I spoke of you a couple of days ago to a woman who recently suffered the loss of her papillon and LOVED Xena. I gave her your website. Xena is a wonderful companion, watch dog and lap dog. I did get another dog, Ruby, who is a cross pug/boston. She was supposed to be 15lbs grown but is about 30lbs now at 6months. They actually are beauty and the beast as Ruby is a dark brindle. Anyway, when we brought Ruby home Xena was soooo excited and they have bonded well. They love to play and vie for my attention. They are both spoiled!!! I would have loved another papillon from you however! I am currently at work but will make a point of sending photos of Xena very soon for you. Thanks again, laurel