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Sunday, March 7, 2021

Papillon Grooming

First to say:
A Papillon is a low- maintenance dog. No need to bring him to a groomer. Papillons are one of the natural cleanest dogs.When observing , you will see him cleaning himself just like a cat. You can even see him here and there clean his ears, and then clean his paw.
But your Papi will love the interaction with you, when you help out by regular brushing, trimming of some hair around his lower legs, feet, and nails, and giving him every so often a nice bath. So, grooming is also a "bonding" experience.

All in all, your Papillon needs little grooming, and with little effort he will look just as shiny and flashy as a Papillon in a dog show.
Use a natural bristle brush, or a brush with rather soft bristles, not to pull, or break his hair.
Pay special attention to his coat on his belly, his culottes (hair on his hind quarters), and hair around, under his ears. These are the places, where he will get most tangled, and knotted hair.
Teach him early in life, no matter if he needs it or not. This applies also to giving him a bath.