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Friday, July 15, 2011

4 Week old Phalene&-or Papillon Puppies

Kali's puppies @ 4 weeks.
No telling, whether they are going to be papillons, or phalenes. there is a good chance for both.
Phalenes are the drop-ear variety of the Papillon breed.
You can vote with me, who is going to be Phalene, and who will be Papillon
Mom Kali

Girl Estelle

Boy Epcot

Girl Eclair



Lunch Snack


  1. What shots etc are your puppies given before going to their new home. I could not find this info on the website. Also do you show in the AKC ring? Thank you in advance for the answers.

  2. Some of my dogs have received some nice winnings at the AKC shows. I used to go quite frequently, but nowadays seldom.
    If you like to show them for me, in a state, where there are less dogs/bitches required in the ring to make a major, you are welcome to e mail me.
    Road's End puppies receive their first puppy shots at 8 weeks of age.