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Monday, June 28, 2010

Queen Bee

Road's End Queen Bee's new mom sent me these lovely photos of her. Queen Bee is now 3.5 months old.

These are her parents:
Road's End Jasinthe, Silenzio's Brolle


  1. You have beautiful dogs. Im from sweden and have one papillon too, they are lovely dogs :)

  2. Thanks ,Malin, for that nice compliment.
    As you know, the dad is imported from Sweden, the mom's parents are both imported from Germany.

  3. Look at all those toys she has....lucky girl!

  4. Hi--this is Queen Bee's mom. First of all, thank you Antje for posting these pictures of her I sent you. She is a great representation of your papillons...such a good lookin' pup.
    To anonymous---yes she is spoiled she has every toy I thought she would like...she has balls, chew toys, crazy critter squeaky fox etc. You name it she has it for the most part. She is my first dog and you can tell I just love her!