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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Papillons, Phalenes: Picky Eaters

If you have a Papillon, or Phalene, who is a picky eater, find out first, if this problem is illness related, or just boredom with his daily food.
Here are some tips in how you can break that cycle of boredom, change your dog from being a finicky eater to a "looking forward eater".
  • Feed on a regular schedule, and walk away when he supposed to eat, not hand it to him with a spoon.
  • Take the food away after 30 minutes.
  • No snacks of any kind. Table scraps and other "goodies" will want to make your dog eat only those things,and in time, your dog will get sick, because most table scraps are not suitable for canines, and is for sure not a balanced diet.
  • Get a very small amount of canned dog food, mix with his dry food. That is sometimes all he needs, to gulp down his food. Tiny bit of chicken broth is also good.
  • Lesson these amounts with time, so that your dog gets his taste buds set back to appreciate his regular dog food.

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  1. ramirez101@prodigy.netJuly 15, 2011 at 5:47 PM

    To keep the canned food fresh, since I use such a small amount at a time, I put it into ice cube trays and freeze it then just thaw one at a time. Also, there are freeze dried beef and chicken liver treats that don't have any additives in them; just the liver and some have apples or pumpkin. They crumble easily so I pound a few into dust with a rolling pin and put in an empty seasoning container with wide holes in the cap. A sprinkle over the food makes it desirable.