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Friday, August 27, 2010

You Ask: How long to feed puppy food to a Papillon.

How long to feed puppy food to a Papillon :
Puppy food (kibbles) has higher protein content as adult food.
I feed my "under eaters, skinny Papis, Papis under stress, pregnancy, post illness if any, all puppy chow, even as adults.
Only the gulpers, pudgy Papis get adult food.
Also if a Papillon of mine is very fit and active (athletic) I keep feeding puppy food.
The ones who do not want to play much and are kind of lazy, get adult food.
I have one Papi who does not exercise much, but eats very little: I feed puppy food.

This should give you a guide line. (I hope)

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  1. 1.I read about a papillon that lived 30 years. I want to know what kind of food it ate?
    2.I have a 8 years old girl that now has watery eyes. What can I do to get her eyes to stop watering? My number is 1-209-918-7258. I live in California