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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Papillon Dog Potty Training II (continue)

Like all puppies, your Papillon puppy will have to go potty right after eat, sleep and play, and then some.
  • First you have to go with him to  bring him to a designated spot, which you will return every time he has to go.
  •  Reward him with pets, or even with a tiny treat when business is done. Speak while you pet him, say for example "good potty". Say that phrase every time you go out with him to do his business. He will learn that phrase just as good as his name, and you can use it eventual as a command!!
  • Think about the surface a little, if your pap is a female. She squats, and tall grass, or tall mounts of mud is not a very inviting place for her to go.
  • Confine him to a small place (crate) when he sleeps, so, in case you are not right there when he wakes up, he does not have the run of the house. Pick him up ,when he is very young, and carry him 'till you get to the outside near  the spot. When he gets a little older and better, you walk with him to the outside spot. Take a lead!!
This applies especially if you have to travel a set of stairs. Do not carry him too long, or he will expect you doing this all the time.(He has got you trained!!) Let him walk as much as possible, and make him walk most of that distance from where he is to the potty spot (with the lead) .

  •  Feed him in that same small area (crate) all times and right after a relaxed meal, and a little bit of rest,   take him out just like if he had slept in it.
  • Play time is different, but don't give him the whole house.Give him a room, or a section of a room. Take him with you from room to room, but section it off , unless it's already a very small room.
  • Watch for signals he gives when he has to go out. He will kind of restlessly run around sniffing the ground.
  • Never punish your Papillon for the mistake he makes. Just bring him out.
I spray diluted vinegar (50-50%) on the cleaned surface where he did his mistake. It cleans, and the smell of vinegar is not liked by your puppy. (With hope, he will not return to that mistake- spot!)

  • Give your Papillon 3 meals per day, but emphasize his main meals early morning and lunch.Go light and little at night, so his belly is not burdened by all that food. He will sleep better without having to go to potty !!
Will continue.

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