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Monday, June 21, 2010

Papillon Breed Standard

The AKC Breed Standard for Papillons calls for a heights between 8 -11 inches.
That is in this little breed quite a difference.
Her is a sample of Quarter Man, my biggest Papillon @ 10+1/2 inches, (29 cm) (the red/white Papi),
and the second of my smallest Papillons, the 8 Months old Stenley @ 9+1/2 inches,(24 cm) (.(black/white) At 8 Months, Stenley is full grown.


  1. Yes it is always a difference in height with the Paps. But it does not mean that Quarter man weighs any more than Stendley?? Just taller? I find the taller Paps 10-1/2 inch to move more beautiful in the show ring.

  2. Quarter Man weighs only a little bit more. He is an adult, very hardy and fit!!
    The Europeans do prefer the larger size Papi (26-27 cm) their teeth are also better.

  3. So much great information on your site. Do you monitor your breeding dogs for heart, knee, and eye problems? Also are your puppies vet checked before going to their new home? thank you!